What do you do? April 13th edition

Thursday, April 13 – The right and wrong tool for the job, the London Plan, sushi, and early mornings!

Before I start, and now that it’s out there, I can say that I am glad to hear that the City and the London Professional Fire Fighters Association reached a tentative agreement last night.

What a day! As you may have gathereed, I am not really a morning person.  I tend to stay awake way too late and wake up after too few hours of sleep.  Normally, this is fine, as I work at home in the mornings, I don’t have to be ready to be out of the house until later on.  Also, my hero, I mean my husband, takes care of a lot of the morning stuff.  He leaves the house at 7 am, but usually, the kids have received their medication, and he has made a pot of coffee (thus the hero comment).  I wake up around 7:30 am and make sure the kids have eaten breakfast, prepared themselves for the day, then out the door at 8:30 when I start to work.

With Matt gone, things go a little sideways in the mornings. Today, I also an appointment with Ben at the school in the morning to review his Individual Education Plan.  It is reviewed with the teacher and parent a few times a year, and we were getting close to the cut-off period. This meant I also had to be ready and out the door for 8:25 am.

Once his meeting was completed, I treated myself to a drive-thru coffee before heading back home to work for the mornings.  Blessedly, my computer is not as broken as I feared last night, and after the battery died and was recharged, I was able to log in as normal. I got lost in a spreadsheet, and when I checked the time, it was about 1:30 – an hour later than I usually stop working.

I had heard from Ashleigh who had been working with IT to repair my office computer as well.  In turns out there was some sort of update which caused my computer to switch from a hardwired internet connection to wifi, however, my email was trying to connect via the hardwire connection – thus the issues.  It appears to be repaired now, which will allow me to get my work done more efficiently.

I had a meeting in the office this afternoon with a community organization regarding the London Plan – our official city plan.  I could describe what the London Plan or an official City plan does, but this statement from www.thelondonplan.ca does it better:

The London Plan is our City’s new Official Plan.  You can consider it our future playbook for city-building over the next twenty years.  It’s not yet approved by Council, so what you are seeing on this web site represents a final draft that is being submitted to Council for approval.  The Plan was created after an extensive two-year conversation with Londoners about their hopes, dreams and aspirations for London’s future – to the year 2035.   This engagement program, called ReThink London, involved thousands of Londoners and over 100 different meetings and open houses in our community.

Two previous drafts of the London Plan were prepared and released to the Public for review and feedback.  Even more meetings were held after each of these drafts were released, so that Staff could provide information to members of the public and hear their suggestions for changes.   Public meetings were also held at Planning Committee, allowing Londoners to give their input and suggestions directly to members of City Council.  In response, many, many changes were made to the first and second drafts of The London Plan to arrive at this Plan that will be submitted to Council on June 13, 2016.

The London Plan sets out a new approach for planning in London.  It emphasizes growing inward and upward, so that we can reduce the costs of growth, create walkable communities, revitalize our urban neighbourhoods and business areas, protect our farmlands, and reduce greenhouse gases and energy consumption.  The plan sets out to conserve our cultural heritage and protect our environmental areas, hazard lands, and natural resources.  Through the London Plan our community is planning for vibrant, healthy, safe and fulfilling neighbourhoods, attractive and viable mobility alternatives and affordable housing that is accessible to those who need it.  At the root of The London Plan is the goal of building a city that will be attractive as a place to live and invest in a highly competitive world and one that will offer the opportunity of prosperity to everyone – one their own terms and in their own way.  

The London Plan will shape our City over the next 20 years. When approved, all of our by-laws and all of our public works must conform with the policies of this Plan. It will set the stage for the next twenty years of city building in London.

After my meeting at City Hall, I made my way back home. With the warm weather, we were having Matt had opened our bedroom window before he left – but as you would know, the weather dropped significantly last night and today. We have older crank styltoolse windows and have somehow lost 2 of the three cranks, so we use one as a master for all three. Somewhere along the way, the threading has been stripped, and I could not get the window closed last night! I nearly froze! I ended up using a heating pad and extra blanket, but it was chilly. I made it home in time to grab the crank, and head to the hardware store to find a replacement. Since we were missing 2 and 1 had stripped threads, I bought all 3 replacements – AND replaced them.  There is a problem with the track on one of the windows, but it is beyond my scope of repairs, so I will leave that for Matt when he gets home. I kind of wish I had taken some pictures at my repair work.  I think a few of you – and especially my husband would have had a laugh at the tools I used.  Although I’m sure we have the right tools for the job in the house somewhere, I made it work using a rusty wrench and a small screwdriver.

Also – those saw blades I was so proud of buying for Matt for his birthday:


Ya… so I totally got the wrong one.  While I thought he said he wanted a saw blade for his reciprocating saw – he actually said he needed a saw blade for his miter saw.  Who knew that they were not the same thing? Oh well… lessons learned! And your lesson for the day – when it comes to buying or using the right tools – I’m probably not the person to ask.


I also stopped at London Animal Care and Control to donate a few bags of dog food. If you have unused pet supplies or leftover food, they are always happy to accept donations from the public.

After my errands, we had Matt’s sister and her kids come over to the house.  They recently moved north of north (where there is still snow anyway) and were in town for Easter.  You may remember that my niece wanted to give sushi a try. We decided to invite all the cousins and moms on Matt’s side of the family – which means his 3 sisters and me and took the whole crew to Sushi 168.


Those kids can eat! I think they may be revisiting their child menu rates after this crew ate through half the restaurant’s food tonight!

I really enjoy going out for sushi, but since I changed my diet last August, I don’t have the appetite to eat as much.  I think every kid there ate more than I did!

Upon returning home – we were already past the kid’s bedtime, and with all the excitement, the boys were a little slower to settle tonight. Bedtime for them is typically around 7/7:30 pm, which allows me a few hours to work after they’ve gone to bed before I’m ready.  Tonight I filled my time with a few phone calls to City staff on some outstanding questions, and conversations with my council colleagues.

I will be spending time with the kids tomorrow and picking away at some emails.  I do intend to blog tomorrow night, and hopefully, I have some interesting events to share with you!

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