October Newsletter

Dear friends,

Fall is here!  This time of year is a particularly beautiful time to enjoy many of the parks and open spaces Ward 10 and London in general has to offer.  Just today I was able to go on a tour of one of our Environmentally Sensitive Areas – Warbler Woods.  If you can get out and enjoy our parks, take the opportunity!

Our most recent ward meeting was held last week, on September 16th.  There were many great questions and I really enjoyed hearing everyone’s thoughts.  I always look forward to hosting these meetings and appreciate anyone who takes the time to attend!  The video is currently available and minutes from the meeting will soon be posted on my website.  I encourage those who were unable to attend to take a look!

As a reminder, I am always happy to come to any community group/school council/faith-based, etc. meetings if you would like me to attend!  Feel free to contact me about this.

The InMotion challenge is a community-based initiative to promote healthy and active living.  It is a 31 day physical activity challenge held every October.  All you need to do is track your physical activity minutes for one month.  Everyone is encouraged to participate!   You can track your physical activity by using the free in motion community challenge app on your mobile device/smart phone/computer/laptop or use a paper tracking tool, which will be available for pick up and drop off at local participating locations.  Go to the website for more information! I hope that you will participate and encourage your family to as well.  One great way to fit in physical activity every day is by walking to and from school or work.

A Public Participation Meeting is scheduled for October 5th to discuss a planning application for a high rise building rezoning at Springbank and Wonderland.  If you have never participated in a Public Participation Meeting, I would be happy to assist you with the process and what to expect. For more information about the meeting, click here.

Budget time is almost here!   I will be pushing for infrastructure – including the expansion of the weeping tile disconnect program to assist in reducing floods.  For now, I encourage everyone to consider a back-water valve to protect their home from sanitary sewer back-ups, which can be costly and devastating.  There is funding available to individuals to assist in the cost.  For information, contact Brad Weber(bweber@london.ca) or Kyle Chambers (kchambers@london.ca).

I am very happy to see both community parks repaired after the damage this summer.  The first line of defense is to report any suspicious activity in the neighbourhood to the police 519-661-5670.

As your Councillor, I not only attend committee and council meetings, but also do a lot of work in the community. I am currently working on many community building initiatives moving forward, both with the budget and apart from. Within the budget I will as I have promised be looking carefully and for a positive return on our investments. I continue to work with a council and community leader panel towards having more children walk to and from school for reasons of health and fitness, long term city growth, and decreasing vehicular traffic.  I am working with a group of Internationally Trained Medical Graduates, both in the city and from other cities on assisting them in achieving their goals and integrating into the Canadian medical system. I have recently had requests for some park upgrades at Jesse Davidson Park.  If others are interested in talking about this, please let me know and we will look at having a community meeting specific to this.

My email list is expanding gradually, but I know I’m not reaching everyone.  Please encourage your neighbours to sign up. For those without internet, I do send copies to local business, and the WEstmount Library.  I am continue to look for volunteers who I can mail a few print newsletters to for distribution on their street. You can help out by either printing this email, or, let me know how many copies you can hand out and to which neighbours.

Lastly, I am curious about peoples feedback about the Dundas Flex Street.  This is a a plan to turn a four-block stretch of Dundas into a curb-free flex street that can transition easily from traditional vehicle traffic to a pedestrian-only space.  Please feel free to call or e-mail me with your thoughts!

*correction notice: the South West Community Centre is slated to open in September 2018, my last newsletter gave the wrong date, I apologize for any confusion.

Kind Regards,

Virginia Ridley
Ward 10

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