June 2016 Newsletter

Dear friends,

I have some exciting news to share with you this month!

After much debate and thoughtful discussion, I’m pleased that council has decided to approve the business case for Bus Rapid Transit. This is an important step for London. This is the beginning of a plan that will help our city grow and prosper.

I wanted to give you some insight into the pulse at City Hall. I have been noticing some changes in the dynamics at City Hall. We are now 19 months in, and I have noticed a positive change in how we are doing business. It is a welcome change, and more and more Councillors are becoming more passionate about issues of importance to them. This being said, the dialogue is professional and the debate is healthy. The best decisions come when we consider multiple points of view on issues.

I have had some successes over the past few months that I want to share – one being allowing alternate materials on boulevards – it came to my attention that some people would prefer materials other than sod on their lawns and boulevards – these can now be assessed and considered as an alternate to sod.

This month, we also experienced significant forest fires in Fort. McMurray. I am proud that London is prepared to help if a request comes from the provincial government. I was also happy to support 5 of our local firefighters, who took time off to go to Fort McMurray to assist in the efforts. At my request, Council supported covering the costs of their flight to assist.

As summer is fast approaching, I am looking at planning my July ward meeting and would like to know what you would like to hear at that meeting. Is there an emerging topic we can discuss? A guest that you would like invited in?
As you may know, the meetings are recorded and posted to my website for those who can not attend. Please feel free to get in touch if you have any feedback.

Two community pools will be opening this month – Forest Edge and Woodcrest! Please consider a membership at one of the pools and help support these great resources. There are sure to be some fanastic events taking place at these pools this summer. For example, on June 25, Woodcrest will be hosting an Opening Party & Movie Night! Swimming is a wonderful way to beat the heat while engaging in physical activity. Both pools operate to serve the community and are supported by memberships and donations.

I am looking for volunteers who can assist me with dropping off some print copies of my newsletter. Each month after we send out the the electronic copy, we prepare a print copy and send it out to individuals who are able to share in their buildings, condo units, or on their street. It is short time commitment – a few houses once a month to help share my monthly update with your neighbours. If you are willing to do a few houses near you, or post in your apartment building, or local business, please let me know and we will send out a few print copies to you to distribute.

I hope everyone has a wonderful month and I look forward to touching base with you all soon.

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