Do you want to know what Londoners had to say about my performance over the first half of my term as Ward Councillor?

After a month of collecting surveys, we have compiled all of the results.

I thank all who took the time to complete the surveys and to help me learn how I can better serve the community.  Residents are welcome to share their feedback with me either by email or by using the contact form on my website.

I have received and reviewed comments which were about my colleagues and specifically identified staff, however, they were removed from the presentation. All other comments are being presented as they were received.

The results are being presented in two forms, a powerpoint – which is lengthy and a little text heavy, and a Prezi presentation.

For those new to navigating Prezi – use your mouse click on the areas you are interested in looking at, to return to the main screen look in the bottom left corner for an arrow – which will continue to take you back until you get to the main screen.  If you want to see each screen – you can use the arrow keys on your keyboard to scroll screen by screen.

Prezi: Councillor Virginia Ridley 2017 Performance Evaluation


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