Campaign Diary: 94 days

94 days

It’s 94 days to election day.
Yesterday I did a Facebook Live video diary. It is something I will try to do most nights for the next 93 nights. I’m taking it as an opportunity to do a few things:

1) Tell you about the campaign for Ward 10 – the fun stuff, and the awkward moments
2) Talk about campaigns in general – the nitty-gritty stuff that you don’t see in the media
3) Teach others about how to campaign
4) Give you an opportunity to learn about me
5) Give you an opportunity to ask me questions

I’m sure I will cover more off as I go, but I see this as an opportunity to give the people watching a chance to get to know me. Who I am, and what I stand for.

I hope that if you are on Facebook – you will like my page and set up notifications so that you can join in when I am going live. If you are watching live, please comment and chime in on the discussion – it makes it much more interesting to get some feedback and engage during the live chat! The live videos will be posted in the evenings after 8 pm on nights when possible. I will try to make a post earlier in the day to narrow down the time so that you can plan to tune in – I hope to see you online!




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