August 3, 2016 community meeting: Speed bumps?


Ward 10 Community Meeting

Speaker Discussion
Virginia Ridley
Ward 10
General discussion to gain input on what concerns are found
within the Ward as it relates to traffic and traffic calming.

Edward Soldo
Director, Roads & Transportation
Power Point Presentation regarding Traffic Calming, within the
City and other options that are / have been considered.

Question Answer
Traffic lights at Wonderland Rd S and
Pine Valley Drive are not long
enough, causing east/west traffic to
run lights.
Also, there is not enough time for
pedestrians to cross the road.
Traffic on Wonderland Rd has met capacity. The traffic lights
are reviewed every six months for timing adjustments on
Wonderland Road. As traffic is heavier on Wonderland Road,
the traffic light times on Pine Valley Dr will be affected,
causing shorter green lights.
Pedestrians must push the cross walk button before the light
turns green. This indicates to the timing of the lights that a
pedestrian is crossing the road, and additional time will be
provided for pedestrians to safely cross the road.
Commissioners Rd at
Andover/Beachwood will be closed –
what calming measures will be taken
on surrounding residential streets
(that are not part of the detour)?
At this time, no calming measures will be taken on additional
surrounding residential streets. Detour routes are well
signed and most traffic will re-route based on the signage. It
is unavoidable to deter traffic from using alternate routes to
get to their destination.
As the closure will be for a limited number of days, it would
be ineffective and a poor use of resources to install
temporary calming measures
During road construction, would it be
a possibility to have temporary stop
signs put in place on surrounding
residential roads?
The City examines potential construction impacts for all
major projects on arterial roadways. Detour routes are
developed for temporary closures that are signed and
advertised. For longer term projects, local temporary traffic
calming solutions are reviewed and implemented if
Is it possible to permanently remove
speed humps / bumps during road
The removal of traffic calming measures must follow Policy,
which indicates that
- Residents can request removal 2 years after
- A survey will be sent to affected home owners
- A minimum of 25% support must be received for the
removal of the devices
McMaster is currently being repaved,
would it be possible to remove the
speed bumps permanently? Many
residents in the area do not want
them re-installed.
It is standard practice to reinstall everything that is on the
roadway, ex. School crossings, curbs, etc.
Should residents wish for the traffic calming devices to be
removed, a request can be sent to the Transportation
department (see question and answer above).
What types of traffic calming
measures are used?
Horizontal Traffic Calming Measures
- Speed cushion
- Raised intersection
- Raised crosswalk
- Speed table
- Speed hump
- Curb radius reduction
- Neighbourhood traffic circle
- Centre island median
- Lateral shift
- Roundabout
Physical Obstruction
- Directional closures
- Raised median through intersection
- Right-In / Right-Out
- Diverter
- Full closure
Passive & Mitigating Measures
- Education
- Community entrance signs
- Textured pavement
- Targeted speed limit enforcement
- Speed Display (PEEP Board)
- On street parking
- Road watch program
- Road diet
What measures are most effective to
calm traffic?

Traffic Calming measures that are physically impeding to
drivers are the most effective. For example,
- Directional closures
- Raised median through intersection
- Right-In / Right-Out
- Diverter
- Full closure
- On Street Parking

Speed humps
Speed cushions and raised intersections are of the most used
and effective within the City of London.

Who pays for the installation of the
traffic calming measures?
Specifically, do the residents that
have requested the traffic calming
measures pay for the installation?
The City of London Roads and Transportation department
absorbs the cost of installation and removal of the traffic
calming measures.
Is there any possibility that the
residents who request the traffic
calming measures be responsible for
the cost of installation, similar to that
of the street light local
While this has been considered in the past, traffic calming is
not included as an item under the City’s local improvement
policies. Traffic calming provides benefits to residents
(walkers, cyclists, etc.) beyond those that front onto the
There is a Council approved budget to address traffic calming
capital infrastructure needs. The Traffic Calming Policy
requires community consensus to justify making changes to
established neighbourhoods. Support from the majority of
adjacent property owners, not the capita cost, is typically the
biggest obstacle for the traffic calming proposals.
Curb extensions are in favour of the
pedestrians, in that there is minimal
road way to cross, however there is
concern for the safety of cyclists as
the road narrows, not allowing
enough room for a bicycle and
Yes, curb extensions are beneficial for pedestrian crossing. A
cyclist has the right to a full lane of the road per the Ontario
Traffic Act, therefore when a cyclist approaches the curb
extension, they should take over the lane and proceed
through the area. Further, bicycles are considered a vehicle
under the Ontario Traffic Act, and therefore have a right to a
full driving lane.
Could rumble strips be used within
the City as a traffic calming measure?
While rumble strips do bring attention to the speed in which
drivers are travelling, this measure is used most often in rural
areas. The reasoning for this is that a constant hum would be
heard in urban areas where traffic is constant, and this would
be detrimental to residential quality of life.
Why was a stop sign installed at Pine
Valley & Viscount Rd if stop signs are
not considered traffic calming
After numerous complaints, a traffic volume count was
complete. The count found that there was a high enough
vehicle and pedestrian volume with the required split in
traffic to meet the required warrant, the stop signs were NOT
installed as a traffic calming device, but to control right-ofway
at the intersection.
When will Wonderland Rd be
Wonderland Road has met capacity, and staff are constantly
reviewing the traffic lights for any adjustments so that traffic
may flow easier.
The widening of Wonderland Rd is included with the City of
London 20 year road network plan, which indicates that
Wonderland Rd will be widened to six (6) lanes.
Considering speed humps are a
permanent fixture, how does this
impact snow plowing?
Speed humps do not impact snow clearing. To learn more
about the snow clearing procedures, and when you can
expect your street to be cleared, visit and search
for Winter Maintenance.
Is there a mandate for road
construction jobs indicating what
kind of notice and signage is
Yes, contractors are aware of the requirements. If you have
concerns or do not see signage of the road construction
project, please contact the Environmental Service staff at or by calling 519-661-4570
As the new Southwest Community
Center is being constructed shortly, it
would make sense for Southdale
Road to be widened at the same time
– two projects at once resulting in
less disruptions to residents.
At this time, it is not in the budget to expand Southdale Road,
nor does the volume of traffic meet requirements for
Further, the developer owns the land until the City of London
assumes the land, meaning that the City of London cannot
construct on private property.
It is anticipated that an Environmental Assessment will take
place late 2016 / early 2017. During this assessment, road
requirements will be reviewed; the public will also be
consulted during this phase to gain user input.
What is an Environmental
An Environmental Assessment is an assessment/review of the
need to expand and how to fulfil this need.
Environmental Assessments are required for large
construction projects, such as the Southdale Road widening
that is coming up.
Part of the Environmental Assessment is public consultation,
during this time the public is encouraged to provide input,
concerns, and learn on how the project will impact them
What kind of data is collected during
a speed and volume study and how is
this considered when considering
traffic calming for a residential area?
Point system; min. number of cars are required to be on the
street for consideration; speed; volume; short cutting traffic;
collisions; presence of sidewalks; number of pedestrians.
Please refer to page C-1 of the Traffic Calming Policy.
Are “Local Traffic Only” signs
No, these signs are not effective. Drivers will maneuver
around the sign to gain access to the road.
When will Windermere Road be
completely open again?
It is anticipated that the bridge work will be done by the fall.
We are anticipating that the bridge will be open within the
month of October.
I heard that red light cameras were
rejected in London – why?
This is misinformation. Red Light Cameras were approved by
Council in January, for the period of 2017-2021.
Traffic volumes on Andover Dr have
increased, and speed is a problem. It
is requested for a traffic calming
study on Andover.
A speed a volume study has been scheduled for this fall to
determine if the street qualifies for traffic calming. The study
will take place between Elmgrove Cres and Viscount Rd.


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