April 2016 Newsletter

Dear friends,

March has been a very productive month for us on Council!  City staff will be investigating allowing the use of material other than sod for boulevards.  Alternates to sod such as mulches and hard mulch landscaping materials contain sustainable qualities and maintenance is reduced with respect to mowing, watering, pest control and fertilizing.  This will potentially allow Londoners to have access to options in landscaping that are sustainable, low-maintenance and aesthetically pleasing.

One recent success I am particularly excited for is that we will soon have childminding for Public Participation Meetings (PPMs).  This will make PPMs more accessible for those with children and will ensure more people will be able to attend and ultimately provide the kind of valuable feedback that will make London better.  I hope that through social media, online streaming, childcare, emails and newsletters that you feel municipal government is open and that you are able to participate.  If there are other barriers that we should know about, please bring them to my attention.  The decision that are made at City Hall affect your life on a daily basis, from the moment you turn on the tap, to stepping out on your sidewalk.  I want you to be involved, and to share your thoughts.  Through your participation our decision making is better.

We have a busy week at council, with several big items.  One will be a report on Open Air Burning (backyard fires). I believe I have mentioned this before, as coming up – one of my constituents brought to my attention that there are many people (including that constituent) who are negatively affected when people have a backyard fire.  We have a comprehensive report coming forward to the Community and Protective Services Committee on Wednesday.  I will be asking Councillor Zaifman to Chair the committee for that item as I make a motion which will hopefully find the middle ground – a compromise for those who enjoy fires, and those who are negatively impacted.  My motion will be looking for a decrease in the number of days that you can burn wood in your yard from seven days a week to three days a week (Friday – Sunday).  All of the same safety restrictions would still be imposed.  As always, I would like to hear your feedback on this – please email me with any comments you may have.

The next Ward 10 meeting will be taking place on April 23, 2016 from 2:00 – 4:00 pm at the Westmount Public Library.  London Police and Neighbourhood Watch will be in attendance to answer any questions about community policing and neighbourhood safety.  Please click here for more details and to register!


If you have a moment, One of my constituents is looking at starting a new business in Westmount around Fair Trade and locally sourced products.  Would you take a moment and complete his survey?

I have also learned about a number of great programs I am sharing in bottom section of my newsletter – there are funding opportunities, tools to help you organize a neighbourhood/block party (be sure to invite me!), and a link to The Society for Learning in retirement which offers some great programs and opportunities.  Please check below for more details!

Lastly, spring is finally here.  Although this means warmer weather, it also means increased rain.  Please make sure you are protecting your home from flood damage.   It is important to contact the City when you experience basement flooding so that they can pinpoint the issues and problems.  A grant is available on the City of London website to assist you when this happens.  The grant allows you to install abackwater valve, which decreases the risk of basement flooding.

Kind Regards,

Virginia Ridley
Ward 10

Call or Text: 226-927-0539
Email: vridley@london.ca
300 Dufferin Ave, Suite 314

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Get your neighbourhood party started.

Maybe you’ve heard the rumours that there is help for you to plan the block party of the decade. The rumours are true. All you need is a vision.

Throwing a neighbourhood block party couldn’t be simpler with the stress-free Block Party in a Box kit. With the kit, you’ll learn how to request a street closure and other city permits, as well as simple instructions on how to rally your neighbours to join in the fun.

A neighbourhood that can celebrate together, stays together. Plan your block party together and strengthen your community’s bonds.
Click here for more information.


New Planning Applications

There is a new planning application for the lands at 925 Wonderland Rd. S.  For more details click here.



The Community Renewal Fund is a grant program that awards eligible Ontario-based communities and organizations up to $50,000 towards the purchase and installation of Ontario-manufactured recycled rubber products such as rubber mulch, athletic and arena flooring, roof shakes, sidewalk pavers, and even playground surfacing. Using recycled materials helps the environment while supporting Ontario’s economy.  Click here for more information.
The Society for Learning in Retirement
The Society for Learning in Retirement (SLR) is a member-run organization providing active learning opportunities for the retired and semi-retired.  Click herefor their events and programs or learn more abour SLR here!

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