Apr 26, 2018 Ward meeting

Ward 10 Community Meeting –
Ranked Choice Voting
Thursday April 26, 2018 @ 7:00pm
Civic Gardens, 645 Springbank Dr
Councillor Ridley welcomed all attendees to the Ward meeting, outlining that the main area of focus tonight would be surrounding Ranked Choice Voting, and educating those in attendance about the changes they will be experiencing with the Election in October. Prior to the main area of focus for the meeting, Councillor Ridley surveyed the attendees to see if there were any general questions that could be addressed.
Please see minutes of the meeting below.

Speaker Discussion
Councillor Virginia Ridley Q: What is the status of Gateway Casinos?
A: This is the most up to date information on this can be found here:
Also here: http://www.gatewaycasinos.com/gateway-casinos-entertainment-becomes-canadas-largest-and-most-diversified-gaming-and-entertainment-company-with-ontario-expansion/

Q: I see lawn signs in the neighbourhood that say “Vision Zero: Respect the Limit”. What is this and where can I get a sign?
A: This is part of the City of London “Respect the Limit” community initiative to make London aware of the increased dangers caused by driving too fast through residential neighbourhoods. These lawn signs are being made available to empower residents to communicate the safety message. The lawn signs are available for free, while supplies last, at many City community centres. A full list of locations is found here.

Q: I heard you recently talk about cameras in school zones – what is this about?
A: Automated Speed cameras are being discussed between Council and staff for possible use in school zones.

Q: Is the Southwest Community Center (SWCC) still planned to open on schedule, and did the project stay on budget?
A: Yes, the SWCC opening is still on schedule. It is anticipated that the SWCC will be open this fall! Up to date information about the SWCC can be found on the website here.

Q: Dundas St is all torn up – what is going on?
A: This is part of the Dundas Flex Street project, also called “Dundas Place”. Full details of this project can be found on the website here, however the end goal is to make Dundas St a flexible street between Wellington St and the Thames River, relocating bus routes to create a more flexible public space and promote pedestrian activity. Currently, the underground infrastructure is being updated.

Q: What is being done to improve park safety throughout London, and specifically within Jesse Davidson Park?
A: I recently met with the London Police to talk about park safety, as I have received many concerns. A meeting was held on May 2nd in the park with myself, Parks staff, London Police. If you would like to see a copy of the minutes, please send me an email and I will send a copy to you.

Q: What are the advantages to Ranked Choice Voting and why did Council choose to make the switch from “First Past the Post” to “Ranked Choice Voting”?
A: More information can be found here

Elections Office Staff Staff from the Elections Office provided a ranked ballot election demonstration and answered questions on the vote counting process. If you are interested in learning more about Ranked Choice Voting, please visit the london.ca/elections or contact them at elections@london.ca or 519 661-4535.

Below is the list of questions that were asked at this meeting:

Q: How are the votes tallied?
Q: How is a winner declared?
Q: What happens to my ballot if my first choice does not reach 50% +1 of the votes? Is my ballot void?
Q: How will the ballots be counted? Manually or electronically?
Q: What is the expected time frame for counting to be completed and a winner declared?
Q: What happens if I filled in my ballot incorrectly? How will I know?
Q: Will we know how many ballots were filled in correctly or if there spoiled ballots?
Q: How will citizens that are new to Canada and London be educated about the new voting method?
Q: If I only fill in my first choice, what happens to my ballot?
Q: Are there any thoughts to including a segment on the local news channel?
Q: If all ballots have been exhausted, how is the winner declared?
Q: What happens if a person votes for one candidate three times?
Q: What happens if at the end of the counting, there is still a tie? How is the winner declared?
Q: What are the advantages to using the Ranked Choice Voting system?
Q: What is the cost associated with the Ranked Choice Voting system?
Q: Why is the City of London the first municipality to move to Ranked Choice Voting?
Q: How will the elderly be educated – much of this information is confusing and some may not understand the change.
Q: Are efforts being taken to attend High Schools to educate senior students of the voting process?
Q: Will there be workers at the poll to help educate voters if they are unaware of the Ranked Choice Voting system?
Q: Does Ranked Choice Voting eliminate strategic voting?

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