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Virginia Ridley, representing you

An effective advocate

Virginia makes her community a priority. She successfully advocates for residents, and spent countless hours at the kitchen tables and living rooms of our neighbours, answering their questions and helping them navigate city hall over the last four years. Virginia wants to continue this work. Virginia believes that elected officials should be accessible and available to their communities.

Virginia has worked with staff in all departments to learn the ins and outs of our city government, and to find effective and efficient ways of meeting the needs of residents: from potholes to business licences, as our Councillor, Virginia has helped residents have a more streamlined experience when interacting with City Hall. Over the last four years Virginia’s been listening to and representing the community, and creating positive change in Ward 10 and throughout the City.

What you see is what you get

Virginia Ridley started in politics when she didn’t see the ‘regular’ people in City Hall - politicians who represented the people of London seemed out of touch with actual people like her, and like her neighbours.

Virginia is a mother, wife, community builder, activist, neighbour, and a friend. With Virginia, what you see is what you get. Virginia is authentic. Her word is her bond and her voice is compassionate. She spends the majority of her time in the Ward, out and about in the community. She has spent the past four years as councillor creating positive change while staying true to her community.

Virginia is authentic, she is honest and compassionate, and she makes a point of doing things the right way. Her motto: “Know the rules, play by the rules, and if you don’t like the rules, know how to change the rules”. As Councillor, Virginia has regularly advocated and created change when policies don’t make sense for our community. She knows how to get things done, but more importantly, she knows how to get them done the right way.


Financial decisions that make sense

Virginia knows that you work hard, and increasing costs and taxes are hard on your bottom line. Your tax dollars deserve to be treated with respect. As Councillor she has been committed to reviewing spending needs carefully, and considering short term and long term implications and expected return on investment - all significant factors in decision making on behalf of our Ward. Virginia has demonstrated a careful balance between cautious spending and consideration of the community’s desire for investments that better the quality of life for Londoners.

Virginia has supported:

  • Multi Year Budgeting - providing better long-term planning
  • New Surplus policy - surpluses are now invested in debt reduction and closing the infrastructure gap
  • Borrowing less and saving more - debt has decreased by 10% (2014-2018); Reserve funds have increased.
  • Adding 4 million dollar of permanent savings via service review target in the Multi Year Budget
  • Lowering the residential tax increase in 2017 (1.1%) & 2018  (1.3%)


Building a strong community

Virginia believes strong communities make for great cities. She, and her husband Matthew are raising their children in Ward 10. Prior to serving on the council, Virginia was the President of Forest Edge Community Club and was instrumental in expanding programming offering a free youth group, regular outdoor movie nights and finding the funding for initiatives such as the gazebo in Village Green Park for the community to enjoy. Virginia has supported the Westmount Family Centre, Safe and Active Routes to School, and many community building initiatives, such as the Community Decision Making program that the 2014-2018 Council initiated.

Through her work in social services, Virginia recognized the importance of strong connection, and has continued to support the community groups and associations that make our community stronger and better.

During her term on council, Virginia has supported and advocated for infrastructure projects and service level improvements that build London and improve the quality of life for residents.

Some of the projects Virginia has supported are:

  • Wonderland and Southdale Road widening
  • Environmental assessment for the realignment of Snake Hill
  • Adelaide St. grade separation; Bostwick Community Centre; pedestrian crossovers;school zone speed limit decreases
  • … the list goes on and on.

Some of the service area improvements Virginia has supported include:

  • parks pathway snow removal for wintertime walking and activity
  • better access to the basement flooding grant program
  • free transit passes for youth under 12


London: A city for everyone

London is a diverse city that has fostered significant growth in the past several decades. Virginia has been instrumental to that growth. She’s supported initiatives such as Age-Friendly London, and investments in our Early Years Centres. She has supported investments in sports, culture and tourism that help to increase the quality of life and options for Londoners. She has supported initiatives in improving public transit including bus passes for children under 12, and subsidizing transit passes for Londoners who are living below the low-income cut off. She has supported social services, and investments in affordable housing options.

Virginia supported over 150 Internationally Trained Medical Graduates, connecting them with programs and people who can support their transition to the local workforce. She organized a summit connecting 100 women (community leaders and elected officials, as well as students) right here in London to provide opportunities for learning and mentorship. She has worked with Kings University College supporting student who wish to make an impact in the community.

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