What do you do? – April 28, 29 & 30th

What do you do? – The final entry, meetings, the cottage, and reflections

Well, this is it.  The final post of a month of “A day in the life.”

It’s been a fun experiment, and certainly, has had me reflecting on how I use my time.  I’m going to do the three-day summary, then some reflections on the month at the end of this post.

On Friday, Andrew had a doctor’s appointment first thing in the morning, so I started work a little early to compensate for my time off.  After his appointment, we were to meet his class on a field trip, but when I called to verify the location, realized the trip is next week.  Andrew was bashful about this mix-up.  It worked out well though, and I got him to class just before 10 am.

I got back to work and was able to get everything done in time for lunch with a friend.  She is a real estate agent and had recently completed a walk through of our house.  I have no idea of home values right now and with the market so disrupted, I wanted an understanding of our homes value, as I plan to negotiate with the bank to withdraw some of the equity for a renovation – provided all the numbers work out right. I am still getting quotes for the renovation projects, and if they come in, in the ballpark I am planning on, then I should be able to do the renovations. We had a nice lunch at Angel’s Family Restuarant.  If you are ever looking for a good lunch location, I highly recommend them.  The homemade soups and lunch portions are perfect!

After lunch, I made my way into City Hall for a few meetings and some work.  There was an error in scheduling with my 3 pm appointment, so I was able to catch up with Councillor Cassidy for a few minutes before we both left. I also saw Councillor Hopkins in the office and chatted for a few minutes.

Once home, I had a few errands to run to get ready for the weekend. I picked up a reverse osmosis water filter to install at the cottage to help with the taste and clarity of the well water. Then I got everyone packed up to go. We were on the road by 5:30 pm.

Our cottage is in Kincardine, and takes about 2 hours to get to. I say it’s the perfect distance for a weekend away.  Close enough we can get there in good time on a Friday night, and close enough to get home if we need to. We rent out our cottage most of the summer, and when we go up, it is generally for maintenance, projects, and changeovers between guests.  Our first renter of the season is on the May long weekend, and this was my last opportunity to get it ready before. We got everything opened, cleaned, aired out, and ready.

On Saturday we went to The Bruce for breakfast.  It is one of the most reasonable breakfasts in town. I went to the grocery store, and Matt installed the water filter. We now have great tasting filtered water available in a fountain at the kitchen sink.  No more water cooler and bottled water.  I made the decision to use the water filter, as we needed to replace our cooler.The price for the filter was similar and meant no more lugging bottles of water from the grocery store.

After our work for the day was done, we watched a movie before bed.

On Sunday, we went for breakfast again, then Matt took the kids out so I could clean and prep the cottage.  I finished around noon, and we left juts after 1 pm.

Arriving home means bringing all the laundry, linens, etc in the house and getting everything organized, stored, and through the wash. I started that process, then left for City Hall. I answered all of my emails and prepared for the week. My goal was to be home by 6:30 in time to cut Ben’s hair.  He is trying to grow it long enough to donate, but doesn’t like it in his eyes.  He also enjoys the sensory stimulation of the trimmers, so, we’ve settled on an undercut.  Short for the bottom half of his hair, growing the top, but trimmed around his eyes.  It doesn’t look too funny yet, but by summers end, it’s going to be something else…

I did a quick trip to the pharmacy to pick up meds ordered by the doctor last Friday for Andrew, and came home to write this blog.  So that was my weekend. Cleaning, errand running, and some relaxation.  It’s good to be home, and to be prepared for the week ahead.

So, now my reflections on the month.

Overall, I think you’ve probably gathered that I’m a goer. I hate mornings, but once I’m up, I work either for my job, for the city, or for my family until I go to bed.  I try to fit in bits of leisure and things for just me, but sometimes I forget to do it often enough. You’ve learned that I travel for work, for the city, and for board meetings and that my family is awesome at pulling through and helping when I’m away. Through this blog, you’ve learned about my family, our pets, our home, and our friends. You’ve learned a little bit about City Hall, meetings, and my schedule.

I’ve tried to be as candid as possible about my every day, while still protecting the privacy of my family to a large extent. It’s difficult for them to be in the spotlight to any extent because of my job as a city councillor.  My family is such a large part of my day, it is really impossible to tell you what I do without including them.  I have glossed over many of the details, to protect their privacy.

As a City Councillor, I am answering emails and phone calls from when I get up until I go to bed.  I engage on social media, and in the community.  There is no “off” time.  I don’t get to travel anonymously about the city.  Even when I have the flu and want to go to the drug store – I am not anonymous. I am conscious of the weight of my responsibilities, and that I represent the city to the community and the community to the city.

I love what I do, and am so honoured and humbled that I have the opportunity to do it.  It’s not a hardship, but a part of the reality of my role as a City Councillor.


I work 20 hours for my job every week, and I work the rest of the time for my role as a City Councillor. I start working at 8 am every day, and end around 10 or 11 pm usually. I do my council work every day – even on weekends, or when I’m away.

I carve out pieces of time for appointments for the kids, and in my leisure time, I spend it with family and friends. I don’t watch a lot of television, but I do enjoy some Netflix shows or podcasts before bed, and the odd movie with my husband.


I live by my calendar, and take advantage of each window of time I have to do something.  I don’t think once this month, I’ve been bored, or without a task to do.  By journaling or blogging each day, I’ve had to reflect on my accomplishments and failures each day, and that is a good thing.

When I look at this month, it really is an average month.  There are times when there are a lot of meetings, there are times when Matt or I are traveling for various things, and there are some slower times that allow me to catch up on chores etc.

I hope that you’ve enjoyed this experiment, I know that I have.




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