What do you do? April 26th edition

Wednesday, April 26 – decorative plates, coffee meetings, agms and sleeping in

Happy Wednesday! The middle of the week.  Is anyone else looking forward to the weekend?

Today was a beautiful day – the sun was shining, the weather was warm, and summer is around the corner.

I started off my day with work as normal.  We were a little late to rise, so it was a hectic start getting the boys out the door on time.  About 3 minutes before they were supposed to leave, I was told it was picture day. Andrew doesn’t let me pick out his clothes anymore, so he went with his everyday look.  Benjamin likes to dress up, so he wore a button-down shirt and sweater vest.

I am working on a trivia game for the conference social. So my work day was spent researching good trivia questions and responding to emails.  My dad came over to help with some minor repairs that we haven’t had time to get to, and spent the morning on some of those chores for me.  My houseguests are staying over for another day, so I was also semi-entertaining them.  They are pretty self-sufficient though, so aside from telling them where things are, it was easy to get through the work.

All of my commitments were downtown, so I was able to give my cousin my car once he dropped me off.  I met with one of my part time staff.  We were supposed to be meeting at William’s, however, her previous meeting was late so we changed up our location, and I met her at City Hall in my office.  The walk over through the park was beautiful, and it was nice to see so many people enjoying the park.

Natalie and I met for about an hour, reviewing her summer hours, and our work plan, as well as upcoming projects.

After my meeting with Natalie, I made my way to Museum London for my monthly board meeting and the AGM.

I wrapped up around 6:00 pm and got a ride back home in time for dinner.  I had eaten a sandwich at William’s and am still full, so it was me serving the food Matt had prepared as he left for Cubs.  It’s all about teamwork around here.  Very often one of us will start something and the other will finish it.

Andrew worked on some french homework and needed help.  I pretty much have peaked at my ability to help him, and am thankful for french speaking friends and google.  I’m not sure how my parents were able to help me through, but perhaps that’s why I didn’t go further than necessary with French. I wish I had, and I am ok to translate written french and get the gist of it, but that’s about it.

Ben seemed to not be feeling well and wanted to head straight to bed.  I found him asleep, fully clothed, on top of his bed.  No fever or any other symptoms, but something is up. After dinner, I went to work on a project that’s been in the making for the past 11 years.  My grandmother gave me 4 plates from her “Love Story” collection for my wedding. These are beautifully hand painted decorative plates.  I have been carefully storing them as they are very delicate, and I was afraid that even on a plate holder they would be broken.  I have wanted to find a more secure way to display them.  I recently found 4 shadow boxes that were just the right size, but the back would not fit on properly with the inserts.  And the plates wouldn’t fit in without the inserts.  I bought some rubber-like shelf liner and got to work tonight lining the inside of the shadowboxes to securely hold the plates.  I’m pretty pleased with the results.

Now if I get them hung up, next time grandma comes over, she will be thrilled to see them!

Once my arts and crafts were done for the night, I spent time visiting with my guests, and got to work on my blog! I work on emails and constituent phone calls all day, every day, and don’t always include those in my blog, but basically – any time there is a gap in activities, I’m doing emails or returning calls. I was up late (as usual) last night, and am planning to head to bed shortly – always the best-laid plans…

I was up late (as usual) last night, and am planning to head to bed shortly – always the best-laid plans…


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