What do you do? April 24th edition

Monday, April 24th – work, meetings, leftovers, CWC, mortgage renewals and renovation quotes

Is it really only Monday? It feels like I’ve accomplished a lot already, and it’s just the beginning of the week.

Today I got up and got to work. I knew I would need to take a little extra time off this morning as Andrew had an orthodontist appointment.  He is just 9 years old, but already has quite a bit of crowding – we are having an expander put in, to help make room for the teeth to come in.  He will still need braces later on, but this should help to reduce the amount of time he will need them for.

I dropped him off at school after his 9 am appointment, and got back to work.  We are just days away from our national conference for work, and there is a lot to be done. I’m starting to feel the pressure, but it’s not crunch time yet.  That will come this weekend.

I also had to wrap up work a little earlier than normal as we had a 12 o’clock Civic Works Committee meeting.  The meeting took less than an hour, with only a few questions and comments from the committee and guests.  Most of what we were approving was fairly straight forward – and necessary infrastructure construction.

After our CWC meeting, I met with our Deputy Clerk, then I had the opportunity to chat with a few of my colleagues.  Councillor Helmer and I discussed the announcement of the Guaranteed Basic Income, Councillor Cassidy and I chatted for a few minutes, I also spoke briefly with Councillors Morgan, Park, and Zaifman.  I have been working at home a lot, so outside of meetings, I don’t always have an opportunity to catch up with my colleagues.

I met with some of the office staff on various issues, and correspondence which had come in, and returned some of the Park clean up supplies I had borrowed for yesterday’s clean-up of South West Optimist Park.

I left the office just before 3 pm, and went to London Ice Cream Company head office to pick up a prize gift certificate for my Community Clean Up contest – which we will be drawing on May 1st.  I got a tour of their new facility and heard about the plans for expansion that will be happening over the next year.  It is very exciting to watch a local business grow at the rate they are!

I got home in time to pick up Ben from school.  Somehow, I foolishly thought it would be a good idea to take the dog with.  She is only semi-well behaved on a leash at the best of times, and not so much when there are so many children and people around.  She is friendly, but pulls on her leash enough that my arm get’s a workout!

I did my extra work this afternoon, making sure to get all of my hours in, then cooked dinner.  My cousin and his wife were supposed to be coming in from the west coast (he is a long-haul truck driver and often stays with us if he lands in SW Ontario).  He had messaged me earlier saying they might not make it today, but I decided to cook enough just in case. I had one pan of unstuffed peppers casserole I had made and frozen, and a lasagna – I cooked both.

Well – neither child was interested in either dish.  I did forewarn them that if they didn’t like it today, they were going to like it even less as leftovers tomorrow.  They ignored my advice, but may be wishing they took it by tomorrow at dinner! Perhaps my cousin will be in to help with the leftovers by then.

Have I told you that I have a lot of cousins?  Like, a lot.  My dad is from an east coast Catholic family.  He was the youngest of 15 or more children. I saw or more because I always heard 18, but when I have done the research, I can only account for 15.  Being the youngest – his siblings mostly all had children before he was born – which means his nieces and nephews are often older than he.  By the time it filters down to me – I have cousins who are the same age as my grandparents on my mom’s side, and their kid’s kids are more my age.  That – plus there are a lot of them.  Some day I should count all of my cousins, second cousins, third cousins etc.  I bet it’s in the hundreds. My kids are often looking at me quizzically when I introduce them to someone and say this is our cousin. Another cousin they ask.  Yes – another cousin.

As large as my family is, they are spread out from East to West, and through the states.  I don’t see many of them often, but it’s always nice when they are in town, or I am in their town and we can connect.

After dinner, I began to make appointments for renovation quotes.  We have a number of renovations we need to do, and I’m having trouble seeing which fit into our budget this year, and how much to plan for others in future years.  I decided to book off two days next month and arrange estimates. This way we can look at all the estimates, prioritize based on immediacy and budget, and know what to budget for future years.  I am hopefully we can get some of the more urgent things done this year, but we try to be careful with our spending, so I will have to wait for the quotes.

One of the items will need to be done first no matter what, and the electrician I called is going to stop by tomorrow to offer us a quote.  Matt and I realized – we better clean up his workshop.  After dinner, all four of us went down, and got it cleaned up! Many hands make for light work, and even the kids can help with some of it.

I was feeling a little bit on a roll, and one other task on my to-do list was my mortgage renewal, so I took care of that tonight as well. I had already compared rates and made some inquiries.  I was aiming fro 2.5% renewal – and got close.  2.54% fro a four-year term. I arranged the renewal and can take that off my to-do list.

As quick as I can get items off the list, more always appear.  How is that fair? I mean has anyone, ever, had a day when there was nothing on their daily, weekly, monthly, short-term, or long-term to-do list? One day when you could say you actually had nothing that had to or even should get done? If so, tell me your secret! Perhaps the day will come someday in the future!

Well, all in all, I had a productive day.  I did not do a lot of city work today – I did about 5 hours for my job, 5 hours for the city, and 4 hours on household “stuff”.  I am going to get to work on some emails tonight, so I expect to work another two hours on city business before I call it a day.  Tomorrow, besides work, I will have some hopefully interesting things to report about my afternoon at the Salvation Army Centre of Hope.  Check back tomorrow to see my reflections on the experience.

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