What do you do? April 23rd edition

April 23, 2017 – breakfast club, park clean up, 28 million dollar spending and new shrimp

Today was an early start. Typically, I enjoy sleeping in on the weekends, but I had committed to speak at the Westmount Presbyterian Church Breakfast Club, so I had a lot of notice that I would have to be up early.  I arrived at the church just a little before 8 am and saw some familiar faces fro the community.

I was invited by one of the church members, and a community member who has been a supporter of mine since the campaign.  We enjoyed a communal breakfast, prepared by volunteers, then I spoke about who I am, and why I got involved in politics. I then answered some questions which were sent ahead of time and opened the floor to additional questions.  It was a great experience and opportunity to engage with the community.  I hope to be invited back in a future year.

I returned home with enough time to change into park cleaning gear – rubber boots, and jeans – then made my way to SouthWest Optimist Park for the Community clean up that a resident and I had arranged.  We had about 30 people out cleaning the park, and found a lot of garbage! Everyone worked hard and worked together to get it done.  In less than an hour, the park was clean and beautiful once again.  The SouthWest Optimist Baseball league umpires invited us to stay for a BBQ after. We ran into City Staff who were inspecting fields and they hauled away a pickup truck load of garbage we had found. Here is what wasn’t removed:garbage


After the cleanup, Matt and Andrew went to get Drew’s hair trimmed, and Ben and I went grocery shopping.  As a nice surprise Matta nd Drew joined us at the store post hair cut to “help” us shop (read: make sure we got all the junky food). It was nice of them to join us all the same – even if we bought things I wouldn’t buy!

We all arrived home, unloaded and stored the groceries, then had some downtime for a while.

I made a quick stop at the pet store for two more shrimp for the aquarium, and also picked up some curtains for our dining room (not from the pet storem but Jysk).  We have been without curtains for about…. 7 years, and today seemed like the day. Of course, I bought a double hanger, and only one rod – so they are only half up – but Matt reminded me it’s pretty easy to hang the other curtains once I pick up a second rod.


It was now mid afternoon and we had been on the go all day. After some relaxation, Matt and I tried to decide what to do for dinner.  Cranbrook Community Association was having their monthly fundraiser at Shoeless Joe’s (last Sunday of the month – if you mention the association – they donate 10% of your total to the Community Association), but Matt rightly pointed out I would be blogging, and people will think we eat out all the time (we do eat out often).

So, I made tacos for everyone instead.  We will try to make it to Shoeless Joe’s next month!


The boys have been wanting to put together a skeleton kit I bought them from a second-hand shop all weekend, and they decided to do it with Matt after dinner when I went into the office.

Here is the result of their longing and labour:


The boys enjoy doing “Science-y stuff” and when I find interesting projects for them to do, I get them.  Our boys are both intelligent and curious, and we try to engage them with extra activities whenever we can. I’m sad that I missed out on the construction of this project, but I had work to do.

Sunday nights I always head to the office after dinner.  It’s an important part of my routine.  My weeks can be unpredictable and if I’m not ahead of the week on Sunday, I end up behind all week.  Tonight I cleaned out my inbox again, responding to all emails, and checking the follow-up items. I think reviewed the Civic Works agenda for tomorrow.

Tomorrow at Civic Works we will be approving the spending of about $28 million dollars in infrastructure projects.

28 million


There was nothing too controversial in the report.  Two tenders were over their estimates, and one was significantly below.

I ran into Councillor Helmer as I often do on Sunday nights in the office, we chatted briefly as he was on his way to an event.

I wrapped up my work as quickly as possible, after a long day, and still battling this cold that started on Thursday, I’m going to try to make it to bed earlier than normal tonight.


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