What do you do? April 22nd edition

April 22, 2017 – Ranked Ballots, banana bread, naps and fish

Today, I have to start by saying it was nice to be home.  Both boys came into my room this morning for a snuggle.  I don’t know at what age boys start to grow out of this, but I imagine I’m not far off, and I am going to enjoy it while it lasts.

This morning, because it’s the weekend, it was my turn to make coffee.  Matt does it through the week, and I take a turn on the weekends. We enjoyed a cup of coffee, then both started our days.  I was supposed to drop the boys off to my mama this morning, as Matt had promised to help a work colleague with something, but he decided it was just as easy to take the boys with him.

My dad stopped by to pick up some supplies he had asked for that were left over from our renovation, and I made it out the door just on time to get to the Corporate Services Public Participation Meeting on ranked ballots which started at 11.

The committee heard from several members of the public and received written submissions as well.  Several councillors who were not on the committee also attended. I fit into the not on the committee side, but I knew that it was important to hear from the public on this issue.  So far I’m still undecided, to be honest.  I have another week to continue to contemplate this.  The factor that is really holding me back, is that our staff is not recommending it.  There is no verification that the software will be available, and I am cautious about putting the integrity of the election in question.  I am hopeful our staff will have more information by the council meeting. The other concern for me is the price tag.  It is unclear how much this will cost.

There are many advantages to a ranked ballot system and those who still only want to cast one vote can do that.

I left the ppm after the public participation was done, only listening to some of the debate. I learned that the vote was a 3-3 tie.

When I got home, I was feeling exhausted – it is unusual for me to feel tired during the day, but I think I am fighting something off.  I was supposed to build a 2.5-foot skeleton with the kids today, but as soon as I got home, Matt asked if I would pick up a few things from the store as he and the boys were busy baking.  I decided that my best opportunity for a nap was to get them what they needed because then they would all be busy for a while.  I ran into my local MP – Kate Young at the store.  It was a pleasant surprise, and nice to see her out and about in the community.

I delivered the supplies to Matt and the boys, and made my way up to bed! I slept peacefully for about an hour, then woke to the smell of banana muffins in the house.  I have to say – this is not a bad way to wake up!

I started dinner for the boys – a random, child selected meal – rice and pizza.  Matt took over so that I could run one more errand – we wanted to get a few new fish for our small tank.

I picked up 3 fancy guppies, an “Otto Cat” (small catfish type fish) and 2 ghost shrimp for our small tank.  When I got home we added them to the tank and started a family movie. Once we were done watching Gnomeo and Juliet, the boys went off to bed, and Matt and I found another movie to watch – a courtroom drama called ‘The Whole Truth’.  It was interesting enough, that I watched most of it.  I actually can’t sit still long enough to watch a movie, so I typically am working answering emails the whole time.  I did this during the kid’s movie, and only some of the movie Matt and I watched.

I haven’t done any work for my job for a few days, so I spent an hour tonight making sure everything was up to date for next week.  We are two weeks away from our annual conference and everything seems to be on track.

I should mention that we installed the green cone composter/digester last week, and so far so good! The thing takes most anything and digests it – so no compost, but also it takes more.  I diverted two large Rubbermaid lunch containers of food scraps and coffee grounds etc. to it today.  That was probably about 2 -4 pounds not going to the landfill. We still have a traditional composter in the backyard that could have taken my banana peels/coffee grounds etc, but it split over the winter, and I need to replace it, so, for now, all is going in the digester.

I am running a community clean up contest in Ward 10 (details available on my website) and received a number of entries today after Earth Day clean ups. The contest runs until the end of the month – so I hope to have a few more entries.  There are some great prizes – donated by myself, and from London Ice Cream Company – who are great at supporting local community events (and at making delicious ice cream!)


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