What do you do? April 18th edition

Tuesday, April 18th, 2017 – Housing investments, financial planning, Dixie Chicks, council wins and losses

It feels like this week is going to fly by!

I didn’t get a lot of sleep last night – I was mentally wrestling with a few things until about 2 am. Then the alarm went, and the day began. Today – like every Tuesday, Andrew had his appointment at the house, so I sent Ben off to school on his scooter. He has gotten very good at the scooter and really likes the independence.

I got busy working, and Andrew had his appointment.  Today was a full day – and I have a lot on my plate for work right now – we are hosting and annual conference in two weeks, and are busy getting all the logistics figured out. Having given my notice to leave CAS, I had an appointment with a financial advisor to get some information about pension options.  I am weighing my options and trying to make sure I make the best decision.  It’s hard to plan for thirty years from now, but necessary all the same.  Luckily, I am a planner and like to make sure that I am on the right path and regular meetings with my advisor to course correct as needed.

At 2 pm, my City business day began.  I met with a resident and staff member to discuss try cutting, invasive species and their impact on our tree canopy.  We will likely be arranging a community meeting for residents in that specific neighbourhood in the near future. We met at the parking lot at Springbank park, then toured a few streets looking at decaying trees, and learning about when pruning or treatments are appropriate and when they are not.

As I left that meeting, I noticed a BX93 vehicle pull in.  I continued on my way, but was listening to BX93, when I heard that there was a contest for concert tickets if you could find the BX93 truck.  I quickly – but safely, returned to the parking lot and claimed my tickets for tonight’s Dixie Chicks concert! Talk about being in the right place at the right time.


Also, the council agenda was light enough that I thought I would be able to make it. Unfortunately, I was unable to secure a babysitter for tonight. I called one of my contract staff Natalie and offered her the tickets.  Natalie is just wrapping up her exams, and as much as I wanted to attend, when it wasn’t going to work out, I wanted someone who would enjoy and someone who needed the break to go.

I made my way to the council meeting, and narrowly passed the amendment to the parking bylaw I told you about yesterday.  Technically, we had to defeat the committee’s proposal, in order to put my amendment on the floor – we defeated it 7-6.

I was a little frustrated at the proposal Councillor Morgan and I put forward to amend a contribution to the Housing Development Corporation to instead go to a reserve fund and have staff recommend the best investment. Our City Manager (and Treasurer) had indicated at the committee meeting that this was not his recommendation for investment, and to truly make an impact on homelessness nad affordable housing, I believed, like Councillor Morgan did that we needed to get information on other areas.  Our investment needed to make the biggest impact possible, and that may have been through other avenues.  Council ultimately chose to maintain the investment in the Housing Development Corporation. At the end of the day, I respect the will of the council- even if I am frustrated by it.

At council, we also welcomed the President and Vice President from each of our local post-secondary student councils. It was a pleasure to see all the student council members, including Violette, who previously represented Ward 10 on London’s Youth Advisory Council.

I had a few phone calls to return after council, which I was able to do as it was not quite 9 pm. Matt and I compared calendars and have tried to plan some time away at the end of the month with the kids – he was aiming for this weekend, but I have a council meeting on Friday, a public participation meeting on Saturday, and a community clean up event on Sunday, so I’m a little busy! Also, I will be leaving for Toronto after work tomorrow for a few days, and am going to call it a night now.  Hopefully I can catch up on that sleep I missed last night! I plan to blog from Toronto – technology permitting.



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