What do you do? April 16th edition

Sunday, April 16, 2017 – Easter, office work, organizing, neighbourhood walks and yard work

Today was Easter Sunday.  My family typically celebrates Easter with an Easter Egg hunt in the house.  Andrew, work up at 3 am ready to go and woke Ben and us up too.  Well – the actual time is debatable – he says it was 3, Matt thinks it was 5.  Regardless, they were barred from leaving their rooms until 7 am.

The boys found 22 eggs this morning – that means there are likely another 2 somewhere yet to be found – I will have to do a thorough search tonight for any missing eggs!

Andrew and Matt left early to return a trailer that Matt had rented last week for the robotics competition. Once they returned we spent time as a family around the house.  I sat on the front porch during this morning’s rain, and just enjoyed the smell of the spring rainfall.  The rain was light and over quickly.  With the warm spring weather, I was able to get my backyard tidied up by afternoon, including the patio furniture brought out and sprayed off.

While I was doing some yard work today – Matt, the boys, and Cali went for a long walk.  I finished the yard work and started dinner in the oven.  Then I made my way over to my mama’s house for a short visit. My pop in for a few minutes visit turned into about an hour. While we see each other often, it’s usually in passing, so it was nice to be able to sit in her backyard and catch up.

After our visit, I made my way to City Hall for my normal Sunday work.  Wanting to be home for the evening, I needed to get some work caught up first! I answered all of my emails – back to zero inbox – and followed up on about half of the @waiting items.

@waiting: I’m naturally quite disorganized. Most people assume I’m very organized, and in control of my life. I smile at that because I am not naturally organized.  I use systems.  One of the systems I use for my email is the @waiting.  If I have a ton of emails in my inbox, I am overwhelmed, and things slip through the cracks.  If I file it all, I forget about it – out of sight, out of mind. So I use an @waiting tag.  This way I can file emails as I get them, but tag them @waiting.  @waiting means I am waiting on something or someone. I do a search for all emails tagged @waiting about once a week, then scan for any follow ups I may have missed.  If there is no follow-up, I take the opportunity to send a follow up to the person I am waiting on information from. Once an email is resolved, I remove the waiting tag, and tada – it’s already filed where it needs to be.

I use lots of other systems too – google drive, lists, multiple calendars, etc.  I don’t think there’s much that’s life changing that I use – but the @waiting one allows me to have control over my inbox, and maintain a clutter-free workspace.

After a few hours in the office, I made it home in time to finish dinner.  I made rice with a soup stock base and heated some vegetables.  The boys really liked the rice, and Ben even asked for the recipe.  He’s actually quite the cook – he enjoys doing it and can make several things. I never use a recipe – I kind of add things and try things as I go.

We were supposed to watch a family movie after dinner – but internet issues again, so we went for a walk.  Tonight we traveled to Jesse Davidson Park, then home through Westmount Lions Park. We ran into several neighbours and friends along the way! So nice to see people out and about enjoying the weather and the community.

On the way home the boys were exhausted.  So tired, we had to stop to rest along the way! I hope they sleep well tonight!

Tomorrow is a day off school for the boys, so we will be working from home and hopefully playing outside if the weather cooperates.  Tomorrow night after Matt get’s home, I will head back into the office to prep four Council and for the Ontario Good Roads Association Board meetings this week.  I will be blogging from Toronto Wednesday and Thursday night!



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