What do you do? April 15th edition

Saturday, April 15 – politicians wearing hats, Start.ca, Easter shopping and robotics competitions. 

Today was a great day.  There was just the right balance between work and pleasure.  This morning was the Forest Edge Easter Egg Hunt.  Our attendance was tentative as I wasn’t sure how things would go with Ben – too many people and general disarray doesn’t typically bode well for him.  As you know if you’ve been following along – Matt’s been out of town with the Beal Robotics Team at their provincial competition, and I was on my own.

We didn’t make it, but I did have the opportunity to hear about it from many people in the community.  By all accounts, those who attended – even in the rain – had a great time.  I love that the there are so many great things going on in our community!

I used to sit on the Forest Edge Community Club Board of Directors – in fact, I was President for two years.  It is a long-standing organization in the neighbourhood, having been formed almost 50 years ago.  FECC has traditionally run an outdoor pool in the summer.  At the time I joined the board, we developed a strategic plan that identified more community-based activities as one of our objectives.  It’s great to see that there are so many energetic and passionate community members carrying on the tradition.

Speaking of Easter – look what I found online the other day:


Yes – that’s the Mayor of London in bunny ears.  I had to text him with a gentle ribbing about this, as I clearly remember some advice he gave – “Virginia, never wear a cheese hat.”

As a politician, one goofy hat photo – and that’s it – that’s the image that will be embedded in google image searches forever.  Some (now) (semi-)famous political hat photos:


My sister and nephew stopped by for a coffee – they had attended the Easter Egg Hunt in the park and decided to pay us a visit while they were here. It was nice to see them.  Luke just turned two – and was extremely happy to throw the ball for our dog Cali for the entire duration of their visit. Cali was happy to have the attention and activity too!

Once the left, the boys and I got ready for lunch with Grandma, Grandma’s cousins, and Great-Grandma.  They do an annual lunch around Easter weekend, and we try to make it whenever our schedules allow. It’s nice to spend time with extended family that I don’t see very often, to share updates and to listen in on some of the stories.

lunch waldos

We went to Waldo’s in Byron – another one of my favourites! I hadn’t been in at least a year, but it was just as good as I remember. lunch


After lunch, the boys and I went back home to relax.  Unfortunately, the internet broke.  Well – at least the internet in our house.  I spent an hour on the phone with Bell.  If I’m fair, I will tell you that they are trying to fix my problem.  They are shipping out a new modem, as they believe the issue is with my modem.  Regardless, after the hour with them today, and a few hours just on Tuesday, I shook my head and said enough.  I called Start.ca – a local company that I had been hearing good things about, and made plans to switch over.

Currently, with Bell, I pay about $95.00 a month for 5 Mbps download, and 1 Mbps upload speed.  That includes unlimited usage.  With Start.ca – they offer 30 Mbps download and 5Mbps upload – also unlimited for just $50.00  per month.  I  don’t know a lot about the implications of the Mbps – but from where I’m sitting – it appears I am getting more speed for less money.  Also, they are a local company in London, which I am happy to support! Full disclosure – there is a $25.00 connection charge, and I have to buy a wireless router – which I ordered for $27.99. I spoke to two of their customer service agents and was impressed by the level of service so far.  I have also been hearing great things about their service from other Londoners.  I’m looking forward to the switchover.

Shortly after that was sorted out, my mom arrived to watch the boys.  I typically don’t take them grocery shopping, but this week especially – I still had supplies to buy for Easter tomorrow, and couldn’t bring them with me.  My mom was generous with her time, as always, and came over to give me the time to get out on my own.  A few groceries, and supplies for tomorrow, as well as a stop at Global Pets for dog food, and I was back home by 4:30.

I was still full from lunch, so the boys were on their own for dinner tonight.  There were leftovers from dinner last night, and from lunch today, so they made out juts fine.  Ben even made popcorn for both of them to enjoy with The Peanuts Movie on Netflix.

I started tidying the front yard today, sweeping off the porch, and moving the planters towards the sun.  I will have to get some colourful plants to add in the near future.  I always do it too soon, and the frost get’s them.

Ben and I did his book tonight – which we hadn’t don’t in some time as we only do it if we are both home and he get’s to bed on time.  It’s one of those fill-in books, where I ask him for a noun, adjective etc, and fill in the blanks, then read the story back to him after.  He enjoys this, and it’s good for his language and literacy development.

And that’s it! Another day in my life!

I hope everyone has a good Easter morning tomorrow and enjoys some time with family or friends or both.  Matt will be home tonight, so I’m thinking that I get to sleep in (as covered in a previous post – my favourite thing to do) while the boys hunt their eggs under Matt’s supervision.

Some of my other favourite things about Matt being home:

He makes the bed.

He makes coffee in the morning.

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