What do you do? April 12th edition

Wednesday April 12, 2017 – computer issues, Ward 10 restaurants, self care, and coin returns

I suspect today’s blog post will be short – not because a lot didn’t have but because I am still having computer issues.  It’s frustrating!

Today my personal laptop has completely frozen on the sign in screen:



My battery is integrated – so I can’t pop it out for a reset. I’ve unplugged it and am typing on my iPad.  Hopefully tomorrow when I plug it back it, I will be back to normal, if not I will have to send it off to a computer doctor to diagnosis and fix.

Whining aside, I am writing from my iPad, and will do my best.  Please allow some extra latitude for spelling or typos today. I actually have a fair amount to say, and will stick with it as long as my wrists allow.

Today, I worked in the morning – a little shorter than normal as I had an appointment at 11:30.  I spent about an hour on the phone with two constituents providing updates and answering questions.  Then I went for a massage. I try to go once a month, but it doesn’t often work out. This month it did!

Today when I paid for parking, I did what I always do and check the coin return.  This is something that I’ve done since I was a kid – I don’t know how it started, but I remember cigarette machines (so mid 80’s maybe) and pulling on the knobs/pressing the buttons while I waited for my mom to buy something in a coffee shop – and I hit the jackpot.  It must have been $5.00 in change fell out of that machine.  While I don’t press the buttons or pull knobs anymore I always check the coin return of machines I am using, and you would be amazed at how much change I find! Today it was about $1.40



After that little bit of self care, I met with a friend for a coffee at Angel’s Diner.  Angel’s is one of my favourite local food spots.  It is owned locally, and the owners are often on site working.  Their staff are friendly, and welcoming, and the prices are great.  I often use Angel’s as a meeting spot for residents, and friends.

After Angel’s I finished up my time for myself by getting my nails done.  I haven’t had the opportunity to do that in a few months, and as a life long nail biter who broke hte habit two years ago, getting my nails done is my way of ensuring I don’t revert back to my terrible days of nail biting.

It was interesting that at those two local stops, not only do I know the owners by name, but also many of the customers – who are also community members, frequenting local businesses.  It’s always great to run into neighbours and friends while out and about in Ward 10.

So – enough with the self care! I made it home shortly after school was out to spend time with the boys.  They were unhappy with me, as about twice a week I serve smorgasboard.  I refuse to make more food when we have perfectly good leftovers that are wasting away in the fridge.  While the boys say “There’s nothing to eat” I open the fridge and think, I could eat for three weeks on what we have in here.  Tonight was a smorgasboard night – I was not making anything new until the leftovers were eaten. Andrew had leftover Hamburger helper, and Ben had rice and roast beef.  We are down to hummus, cheese, a little hamburger helper and condiments, so my work here is done! The boys will take the other leftovers for lunch tomorrow, and I’ve arranged a sushi dinner date with their cousins tomorrow afternoon.

Funny story – their cousins live out of town, and have been following the blog – (Hi Katie! Hi Eric!) – my sister in law messaged me tonight to say that they would like to connect for sushi – having read that we almost ended up there last weekend.  Tomorrow is the perfect night for a sushi dinner, and I’m excited to get the kids together for the adventure.  I have kids chopstick helpers I will have to locate and bring with me to help them practice.

I made it to the official open house of the Cranbrook Community Association, hosted at Shoeless Joe’s (another great Westmount restaurant and favourite local businesses.)  The Cranbrook COmmunity Association is a brand new community association started up by some passionate Londoners a few months ago, and now launching a formal structure.  They are working on making the community a better place through community engagement, and neighbourhood activities.  It was nice to socialize with the group, and to get my membership card!


Look for them on social media – or email cranbrookca@gmail.com to learn more!

After the community association open house, I had enough time to make my way into the office to work for an hour before the babysitter had to get home. I arrived shortly after 8, and by 8:15 I had to give up – my computer is on the list to be looked at by IT as there is some sort of email issue – something to do with credentials.  I tried trouble shooting myself, and by about 8:45 pm, I had to give up.



I made my way home, and pulled out my iPad.  I don’t often work on my iPad, because I can’t categorize and organize emails when I do – but I knew I was getting behind on emails.  I made a commitment to read and respond to all communications, and I do my very best to do that.  Sometimes, my office staff will action emails before I get to them, but I am always loooped in and review them. If I have anything else to add or different to contribute, I will send a follow up email as well.  Often if it is a work order, pot hole etc. It is more efficient for Ashleigh to get that auctioned right away, than it is to wait on me!

Once I got through some emails, I got a text message from my husband with a reminder to blog so he could learn about my day! HAHAHA.  Matt’s out of town for a few days, and it was a kind, and humourous reminder that it was getting late.  I’m not sure if he will read this tonight, or in the morning, but I know that he reads it.

In fact, I’m pleasantly surprised at how many of you are reading it! I’m hearing from you when I’m out in the community, getting questions, about things I have written, and hearing second and third hand that you are reading.  So to those of you who are reading – and who are talking to others about it – thank you. I hope that you are finding this exercise interesting.  I have some thoughts and learnings so far I will share towards the end, but I can say that I enjoy ending my day reflecting on what I did.  Today especially, it feels like I didn’t do much, but really, I worked on a variety of things from 8 am until now (11:30) and took 3 hours off to do some things just for me.  I answered about 50 emails- intimated another 30 or so emails, I sent or received about 20 or so text messages. I made or received 17 calls today, and I responded to about 12 people via social media.  I attended a community event, and I cleaned out my fridge and did a load of dishes – so all in all a fairly productive day!

I have set a date for my next ward meeting – May 25th 6-8 pm at the Westmount Public Library. I am still narrowing down the topics – and reaching out to the appropriate staff to see who is available to attend that day.  Do you have topic suggestions or staff you would like to hear from?

I don’t have any specific shout outs requested today, but will give one to my husband and the Beal Robotoics 5024 team – good luck at the provincials!

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January 25, 2018
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