What do you do? April 11th edition

Tuesday, April 11th – Hoodies, favourite constituents, new school tours, family support, Civic Works Meetings and more

Another day, another blog post.  Today I worked, as usual, this morning, but also Andrew had an appointment at the house first things, so Ben went off to school on his own, and Andrew stayed back for his appointment.  Once he was through with his appointment, the house was finally quiet, and I was able to get another solid two hours of work done this morning.

I received a call from my favourite constituent – my grandma – last night asking for help with an errand today. I stopped in to see her when I was done work this morning and grabbed her package to be dropped off.

Today I had a tour arranged at Ben’s new school. He was accepted for a specialized classroom, which we hope will be a really good fit for him.  It’s still with the Thames Valley Board, but will meet his needs better and hopefully help him to socialize with peers who better understand him.  We are looking forward to starting this new journey with him in September.

After the tour, I dropped off grandma’s package for her and made my way to city hall for a meeting with a Richmond Row business owner who wanted to talk about Rapid Transit with me. We chatted for about a half an hour, and I was pleasantly surprised to hear we were more or less on the same page.  Some of the concerns that were highlighted, were things our staff team were working on already and would be covered off in the report back next month.


I went immediately to the Civic Works Committee meeting and was disappointed when I was having connecting issues with google drive! All of my notes from last night were not available to me after I was raving about how good the technology was! I was able to pull it up on my phone, and luckily my assistant Ashleigh was still in the office and was able to bring me a print copy.

The committee meeting was brief. I made two errors – one I was able to correct, and one that I will be correcting at council.  During the committee meeting, there was a request to change the staff recommendation regarding some no parking areas.  While I heard part of the staff response, I missed another – and more key part of their response due to side conversations that were happening.  I voted to support the change to the recommendation, however, realized shortly after the meeting that the information I did not hear would have changed my vote.  I will be addressing both the motion – and voting differently at council as well as the side conversations.  I don’t thin I’m losing my hearing, but rather the design of the chambers means that any side conversations can block hearing information coming from our staff – which could lead to bad decision making.  Either that or I will start wearing this to meetings…

no talking t shirt

After council, I made my way home to relieve my mama who had come over to relieve the babysitter tonight as both Matt and I were going to be out.

mexico momI am truly blessed to have an amazing and supportive family.  Matt starts work early in the morning, and when I am out of town, my dad or brother in law will take the kids and make sure they get to school on time.  In the evenings, we have a respite worker and a babysitter who make sure the kids are home and settled into their routines.  Both have other obligations after 5:30 – so if Matt and I are going to be later than that, my mama often will fill the gaps for us, and help out with the boys. We could not do our jobs, or meet our commitments if we didn’t have a great family to support us.

(Picture from my trip with my mama to Mexico this past winter)



Once Matt and I were both home, and the boys were settled for the night, I sat down to write this blog.  Last night, I was answering emails and social media until well after 1 in the morning, and I’m feeling the weight of that today.  Today was a pretty relaxed day, a few hours of work in the morning, some family errands, and a few meetings at city hall. I have to work again tomorrow morning, but will be spending the afternoon catching up on phone calls and emails.  I am trying to integrate a Wednesday night in the office to do emails but will have to work on that next week as Matt heads out of town again tomorrow for a few days.

I also owe a shout out to a few people – Annette Drost who I forgot to mention yesterday. She also read my blog and noted she didn’t get a mention yesterday – so here you are Annette! Annette kindly called me from home at dinner time to get me some timely information I needed to get to a resident. I was able to get the information to the resident, who was pleased that I was true to my word in getting back to them on Monday – which I couldn’t have done without the support from our staff team.

Josh Morgan was also looking for a shout out.  He posted some great information on social media for the residents of Ward 7 yesterday and told me if he receivedprime position in my blog he would consider posting information for Ward 10 as well – so here’s hoping!











And, of course, I was well dressed today in a dress and scarf for spring but forgot to get a daily selfie until after I pulled my hair back and changed into my normal work at home uniform. So today’s selfie is a picture facing my office – so you can see where all the magic happens (and how I’m usually dressed when it does!)

apr 11


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