What do you do? April 10th edition

Monday, April 10 – baked goods, reciprocating saws, Civic Works Committee, and celebrations 

Today was a pretty average Monday.  I started working at 8:30 am to put in 4 hours with my other job.  Having completed a great number of items from my worklist for the week, I was feeling pretty ready to tackle city business.

I arrived at City Hall around 1 pm, and met with one of my part-time staff.  I have two part-time staff who work a few hours a week for me on various projects.  Sula comes into the office and uses my office most Mondays, working on policy analysis, and constituency work.  I try to make it in before she leaves for school at 2 pm, but it doesn’t always work out.  Today it did, and we had the opportunity to catch up.  She will be transitioning to grad school this summer and is looking at a few summer opportunities that may have her leave sooner, so she has been working on making sure we can on board the next person easily when the time comes.  I will miss working with her, but she is destined for greater things.

I ran into one of my colleagues in the office and we chatted about a few matters that we hadn’t connected on recently.  At 1:30, I had a meeting with Councillor Morgan, and our Director, Roads and Transportation, Mr. Soldo to discuss the rapid transit project.  I am constantly in touch with staff, asking the questions that I am getting from the community, and trying to sort our next steps. Councillor Morgan and I had some conversations and realized we had similar questions – therefore a joint meeting was likely the most efficient use of our staff’s time.  It was a productive meeting and has left us with a few things to consider.

On Friday, I told you I was grumpy, and that I needed to step back and think before I shared.  I am less emotionally connected to the issue but still bothered by it.  A constituent had emailed me on Friday with questions, and I provided the answer.  I later was asked about my answers, by someone else in a public session.  While I have no problem standing behind what I said, I felt a little – deceived.  When I provided the answers to the resident, I was not expecting that those questions were being asked to broadcast my responses publically.  I don’t know if this is the intent of the resident, or if it’s just what happened, but it felt icky.  My email to residents are not confidential, and absolutely have no privacy, but I don’t think I expected someone to ask me something and for my responses to be posted or broadcasted.  I was feeling somewhat used to move forward someone else’s agenda. That being said, my answer would have been the same.

After my meetings at City Hall, I picked up a cake and some sweets made by a local entrepreneur for Matt’s birthday celebration.  They were all great! I picked up 6 butter tarts, and a cake – after both kids and babysitters ate – only two tarts remain (enough for lunches tomorrow).  I’m told that they were delicious!


We enjoyed dinner together (two nights in a row!) and then cake and gifts.







Ben and I had shopped on the weekend for his gift to dad – and now that Matt has received it I can share.  Ben hand painted a box for Matt to use to store some little things – I think button covers and cufflinks, but who knows what might end up in there.  He blended the paints himself, achieving colours that represented the sunset.  It was a fun project for him to do, and he did it mostly on his own (I helped with the printing on the lid.)


Andrew had decided he wanted to purchase some Reese’s chocolates for his dad because they are dad’s favorite.  He got two bags of mini Reese’s Pieces Cups for Matt.




Matt had asked for some blades for a reciprocating saw – so that was my gift to him.  I can’t say I really know what they do or what they are for – but it’s what he wanted, so viola!


While I was at the hardware store, I noticed that everyone seemed to have lightbulbs in their carts – lots of light bulbs.  I asked one of the sales associates what that was about – and here is my money saving and environmental tip of the week for you: Home depot has 3 packs of LED bulbs on for $9.47 – and a $8.00 off coupon.  Having just purchased a 12 pack of LEDs a few months ago, I can tell you this is a great price.  If you are worried about energy use at home – it may be worth the trip to a Home Depot to swap our your light bulbs with LED bulbs 🙂



After dinntemper, I read the CWC agenda for tomorrow – although I usually do this on Sundays, I hadn’t done it yet.  When I read agenda’s I use my google drive – which I love – and a template I created to record what the item is and any questions/comments I have.  I also typically will send my questions to staff ahead of time so that they are prepared to answer at the meeting.


I use google drive – for pretty much my entire life, and it has been wonderful so far.  I have folders in a hierarchy system – and can access pretty much anything from anywhere – provided my filing and scanning is up to date.  I save my meeting notes in my google drive and can access it during meetings. It took me about a year to figure out a system that worked – and so far this has been the most successful.

After the agenda – I landed here – blogging the day’s activities.  So there you have it.  Besides a brief dinner and gift break with the family, I’ve been doing city work since about 1 pm today.  After editing this blog it will be 10 pm, and time enough to do the dishes and head to bed.

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