Poverty Panel

Mayor’s Advisory Panel on Poverty

Mayor’s Advisory Panel on Poverty will soon be releasing the details of an upcoming community engagement strategy to inform the development of our recommendations.

As a reminder, the panel was given a six-month mandate to develop recommendations on what more our community can do to address poverty in London. The work of the panel is incredibly important and is fundamental to our efforts to build an inclusive community for all Londoners.

The upcoming engagement period runs from November 12 to December 10 and is focused on gaps in our community, barriers that prevent residents from exiting poverty, and solutions towards which we can work together. Every Londoner who wants to contribute to this conversation should have an opportunity to do so. The panel is therefore using multiple methods of engagement, including:

Interactive community events at the launch and close of this engagement stage

  • December 10, 4-6 pm at Goodwill
  • Online feedback through www.london.ca/povertypanel
  •  Delegations for those wishing to provide formal comment
    – Early December
  • Partner-hosted conversations

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