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Dear friends, I don’t want to jinx it, but I think it is safe to say that we are finally out of the random-snowstorms-in-spring transition period between seasons! The month of May also marks the beginning of four quieter months

What do you do? – April 28, 29 & 30th

What do you do? – The final entry, meetings, the cottage, and reflections Well, this is it.  The final post of a month of “A day in the life.” It’s been a fun experiment, and certainly, has had me reflecting

What do you do? – April 27

April 27 – Rapid Transit, Euchre, Pizza Party, Middlesex Municipal Association, and suspensions.  Thursday.  We are almost there! As I said in a previous blog we’ve had houseguests for a few days.  They are leaving tomorrow, but we will see them

What do you do? April 26th edition

Wednesday, April 26 – decorative plates, coffee meetings, agms and sleeping in Happy Wednesday! The middle of the week.  Is anyone else looking forward to the weekend? Today was a beautiful day – the sun was shining, the weather was

What do you do? April 25th edition


Tuesday, April 25 – work, Centre of Hope volunteering and tour, family visits, and blog plans Today feels like a long day.  Looking back on yesterday – I did way more yesterday than I did today, but for some reason,

What do you do? April 24th edition

Monday, April 24th – work, meetings, leftovers, CWC, mortgage renewals and renovation quotes Is it really only Monday? It feels like I’ve accomplished a lot already, and it’s just the beginning of the week. Today I got up and got to

What do you do? April 23rd edition


April 23, 2017 – breakfast club, park clean up, 28 million dollar spending and new shrimp Today was an early start. Typically, I enjoy sleeping in on the weekends, but I had committed to speak at the Westmount Presbyterian Church Breakfast

What do you do? April 22nd edition

apr 22

April 22, 2017 – Ranked Ballots, banana bread, naps and fish Today, I have to start by saying it was nice to be home.  Both boys came into my room this morning for a snuggle.  I don’t know at what age boys

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