August 2016 Newsletter

Dear friends,

I hope everyone is enjoying their summer!  There are a lot of great free events to enjoy in our community – movie nights at Village Green Park, family events at Westmount Family Centre and more. Please see below for details on these great events!  I have been truly enjoying experiencing a lot of what London has to offer.  It’s quite amazing to get out there and see the different events going on.  I could be busy every night of the week!

I’ve been enjoying walking around Ward 10 with the new game Pokemon Go.  It has been great exercise for the family, and a lot of fun to see residents all over the ward trying to catch Pokemon!  If you see me and my family out and about, please feel free to stop us and say hello.

I will be hosting a community meeting to discuss speed bumps on August 3rd from 6 – 9pm (click here for details). City staff will be on hand to go over the process of how residents can request speed bumps, what’s involved, when it works and when it doesn’t.  If you are interested in learning more, please plan to attend.

MPP Peggy Sattler and I are discussion holding a joint community meeting in the fall, and would like to know what topics you might like us to cover, or if you would prefer a Q & A session, or other suggestions you may have.

As you may know, I sit on the Western Fair Programming Council, and I have to say that I’m excited for the Western Fair this year.  I hope that you plan to attend!  The Western Fair had a new provider as of last year, and changed up a lot of the programming.  I think that it’s getting better each year.  If you did not go last year, I hope that you consider making it out.

A few updates from council:

Summer schedule at Council is a little lighter than normal, however we have had a few large items come forward.  A report on the draft bylaw for taxi’s and transportation network companies (Uber etc.) came forward. Council voted on Tuesday to send the report to staff to draft a bylaw, which will be presented at a public participation meeting.  If you have strong feelings on this, or would like more information, please get in touch with me.

Tourism London is hoping to get the 2019 World Junior Hockey Championship to Southwestern Ontario. We are working with Windsor to submit a joint bid. Council agreed to provide some financial support should we get this event (out of our economic development reserve). An event like this will bring a lot of visitors to London!

Council also approved approximately 6 million dollars in grant funding to many Non-Profit Organizations over the next 4 years. I made a motion with this that will allow us to receive information from each of the organizations on what the outcomes and measurables will be. Council will receive annual updates, and funding will be reviewed regularly based on the organizations achieving the outcomes.This multi year investment in our non profits will have city wide impacts for residents, with new programs, investments and opportunities.

Following a Public Participation Meeting last month, council voted this week to reduce the speed limits in school zones.  This has been a major push of mine, and I was so delighted last night to see this be approved.  Over the next while, staff will develop the plan and implement reduced speed around schools. It was clear both in my comments, and from staff that we do not believe that this change will solely improve speed and safety around school, but is a part of the overall solution.  We will also be focusing on education, enforcement and design of roads around schools.  Safety of our community, and our children is a priority.  I would like to encourage all parents to reconsider how their children are getting to and from school.  By developing a plan now to have your children walk to and from school, you are adding social opportunities to their day, reducing emissions, and encourage a healthy and active lifestyle. Consider partnering up with other families in the neighborhood and have the kids walk together or approach your school council regarding implementing a walking school bus.

Also, at council, we approved a plan for the Byron Gravel Pit to be rezoned to allow for open space.  There is anticipated to be some development around the periphery, however the bulk of the lands will be open space for the community to enjoy.

As always, please feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions or concerns.  I wish everyone a happy and fun August and look forward to connecting again soon!

Kind Regards,

Virginia Ridley
Ward 10

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